Borak Polytechnic Institute

Diploma in Textile Technology

Are you interested in manufacturing and development in all types of yarns and textile fabric from textile fibers? Then get a head start in the textile sector with our Diploma in Textile Engineering.  You will be equipped with a broad-based education and instilling in them the ability to innovate and design new textile products and processes so that they are always competent even in the changing nature of the industry.

This diploma is for you if …

You are passionate about garments industry with engineering mindset and want an exciting career in textile and garment industries.

What You’ll Study

Item Diploma in Textile and GDPM
Admission Fees
Tk. 7,000
Lab Fees
Tk. 1,000
Library Fees
Tk. 500
Admission Form and ID Card
Tk. 500
Monthly Tuition Fees (4 Year)
Tk 1,000 x 48 = Tk 48,000
Semester Fees (8 Semester)
Tk 7,000 x 8 = Tk 56,000

Career Prospects

  • Textile Mills at home and abroad
  • Spinning Mills at home and abroad
  • Process Engineering Department of textile/spinning mills
  • Quality Control Supervisor in the garments and textile industry
  • Technical Salesperson
Phone: 01733649985
Room No. : TC 005

Foujia Afroj

Textile Technology

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