Borak Polytechnic Institute

Message from Chairman

Message from Chairman

Mohd Noor Ali

Chairman, Management Committee, BPI & Managing Director, Unique Group

Thank you very much for your keen interest at Borak Polytechnic Institute (BPI) which is being operated by one of the leading conglomerates, the Unique Group of Companies Limited in Bangladesh. 

Bangladesh is becoming a knowledge based economy where to be skillful is mandatory. Education and Training provides three things namely Knowledge, Skill and Ability (KSA) which are the asset of human beings and referred to as Human Capital. We have joblessness problem since independence but it is also true that we are looking for skilled human resources for the country. About 15% job positions are vacant annually due to the lack of proper skillsets. Bangladesh is hiring foreign skilled human resources who are draining 5 to 7 billion USD to their home countries yearly which is a significant amount of our national budget. BPI is committed to produce skilled engineers for the country so that they can compete in job market and find their best positions through a concept of Job readiness.

Bangladesh Government has taken many initiatives to promote TVET education and BPI is working to make these programs happen within the timeframe. So, our primary focus would remain on imparting education on science and technology. At BPI, we like to recognize our students as key stakeholders. Accordingly, we would like to get their regular feedback especially about their institutional experiences so that we can bring desirable changes in our approach to teaching and learning processes just to better prepare them for their future.

My dear students, try to learn for life not for exam. If you learn for life, you will be successful in future and can do well in exam but learning only for exam may lead you to turn unsuccessful in the long run. I have full confidence in you because you belong to a generation, which would determine the fate of our beloved motherland for the years to come. You have the passion, spirit, enthusiasm, zeal and above all love for the nation and hence you, through education, can emerge as the real change maker and drive the nation in the right direction.

Finally, I believe you can play a significant role in developing national economy after being awarded degree from this institute.  All my best wishes for you and your endeavors.

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